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Volunteers participating in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD schools make a significant contribution to the education of children. It is impossible to measure the extent to which these dedicated individuals, who give freely of their time and resources, impact the lives of Cy-Fair children. The school curriculum is enriched with frequent presentations by members of our community who share their expertise, skills and experiences with students on topics currently studied in classrooms. Much of this firsthand information proves invaluable in demonstrating that the skills and concepts students are learning in school have direct applications in the community. Volunteers provide increasingly technical expertise, and Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is fortunate to be able to draw from a diversity of skills and knowledge in its community. Each school year, thousands of volunteers donate hundreds of thousands of hours of service to the school district. Volunteers contribute in areas such as computer and science labs, cultural arts, clerical, career day programs, fund-raisers, mentoring, newsletters, public relations, tutoring and assisting in instructional areas.

A record of your volunteer hours is of vital importance to the school where you volunteer and to the district. By creating a Virtual Volunteer account, each campus will be able to track your volunteer hours while you are on campus and you will be able to manually enter all volunteer hours provided off campus.

Any community member wishing to contribute their time and assistance to our schools is welcome to contact the:

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