Observation Guidelines

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD does not offer any observation hours during the summer months.  

Application Submission Process:

Required Documents:

  • College/University letter or syllabus stating that observations are a part of the semester course requirements.

Important Dates:

  • Fall Observations Begin - after the 3rd week in September and end the last week of November.
  • Fall Observation Request Submission Timeline – beginning of each semester through the second week of November
  • Spring Observations Begin - the 3rd week in January and end the last week of March.
  • Spring Observations Request Submission Timeline – beginning of each semester through the last week of March.

Obtaining an Observation Pass:

Once your application is submitted and your background check is complete, your observation pass will be emailed to you. Please note that each observation pass has an expiration date and is valid for one semester.

Scheduling Observations

Observation Guidelines

  • You must present an electronic or printed Approval pass with you to each campus after being approved by HR.
  • Provide the campus with your driver’s license, student photo ID, or state/government-issued photo identification.
  • All cell phone use for any purpose during observations is prohibited.
  • Professional dress is required for all observers. Admittance to campus may be denied if attire is deemed inappropriate by an administrator.
  • Remember that all information concerning students is confidential.
  • You may not observe in your child’s classroom.
  • Respect the decision of the campus administrator regarding which classroom and teachers you will be assigned to observe.
  • The campus administrator has the authority to deny or discontinue requests for observation hours.
  • Be respectful of the campus’ ultimate purpose, educating the students that attend the campus and serving the needs of those families. Assisting with observations is not a focus to their main goal. Please be courteous to the campus assisting you.

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