January 12, 2005

CFISD Students Learn Lessons in the Benefit of Giving


Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District students and staff members are working together to raise funds for the victims in Asia and east Africa who sustained loss during the deadly Indian Ocean Tsunami on December 26.

After hearing the news of the devastation caused by the tsunamis, students and staff initiated a variety of fund-raising activities on individual campuses. Money collected will be earmarked for non-profit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, that are providing relief assistance with this disaster.  

The following is a short description of the efforts CFISD students are making to assist in addressing the needs of those impacted by the tsunamis.

Adam Elementary

The Student Council raised $775. The money is going to the local Red Cross.

Ault Elementary

To aid the Tsunami Relief Project, the Ault Student Council is organizing "Ault All-Stars Team Up to Help Others".  Beginning in February, one day each month for the the remainder of the school year will be designated a "Team" day.  On that day, students will wear team attire and  may choose to bring a dollar to donate to a charitable organization.  A different organization will be chosen each month.  The schedule for donation days is:

February 2 - AmeriCares - $325.25
March 2 - UNICEF - $117.00
April 13
May 11 - Habitat for Humanity
April and May collections combined as one donation for $171.50 to Habitat for Humanity

Bane Elementary

Our student council collected $117.89 to be donated to the Red Cross.

Birkes Elementary

Our student council sponsored a service project to help tsunami survivors in Asia. By filling a bucket with one dollar bills, we raised $1135.00 for the American Red Cross.

Copeland Elementary

In the spirit of love and compassion, Copeland collected $2,960.16 for the American Red Cross for tsunami victims.

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Duryea Elementary

The Student Council is spearheading a collection drive. The council will create and place posters around the building advertising the drive. $412 will be donated to the American Red Cross.

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Emmott Elementary

The Student Council sponsored a fund raiser.  $854.51 will be given to the Greater Houston Area Red Cross.

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Farney Elementary

The Farney Elementary Student Council sponsored a fund-raiser to support the victims of the recent Tsunami disaster.  $1725.00 was raised and will be sent to the Bush-Clinton fund.

Fiest Elementary

In response to the needs of others, the Fiest Student Council is sponsored a fund-raising effort called the Tsunami Disaster Coin Drive from January 12- January 21.  $1,010.00 was raised and will be donated to the  Red Cross.

Francone Elementary

Francone 5th graders held a "Penny Power" drive to raise money for the Tsunami effort.  $1237.00 will be donated to Unicef. 

Frazier Elementary

Students and staff at Frazier participated in the “Cents for Tsunami” fund-raising project by attempting to fill a five gallon jug with change.   $600 was raised and will be donated to the Red Cross.

Hairgrove Elementary

Hairgrove's student council collected $170.00 in their "Quarters for Caring" for the Bush/Clinton Houston Tsunami Fund.

Hamilton Elementary

The "Ten on the Tenth" fund raising project raised $1922.42 for the American Red Cross.

Hancock Elementary

Hancock Elementary students and staff showed that "Hancock Helps" by collecting change for the tsunami relief efforts the week of January 24 -28.  $1637.25 will be donated to UNICEF whose focus is helping the children of the disaster.

Holmsley Elementary

The Holmsley Student Council collected $843.14 for the tsunami victims during the week of Jan. 11 - 27th.  All proceeds will be donated to the International Red Cross.

Horne Elementary

Horne's Student Council sponsored a "Wave of Kindness" drive to raise $1,089.67 for the Bush-Clinton Fund.

Jowell Elementary

Jowell raised $2000.55 for the Bush/Clinton Fund in a campaign called "Helping Hands, Caring Hearts." 

Keith Elementary

Gwen Keith Elementary's Student Council kicked off a two-week campaign to "Change the World" on January 18, 2005.  Fourth and Fifth grade student council representatives collected change daily during school lunches.  Keith Cougars collected over $1700. 

Kirk Elementary

Kirk raised $1,231.60.  We will send $195.00 to the American Red Cross and $1,036.60 to the Thai Red Cross.

Lamkin Elementary

Our student council is hosting Dollar Days once a month, and students are invited to bring in change, not over a dollar, on that one particular day to deposit into a big jug in the library.  We have collected $265.87 so far and will donate that to the American Red Cross.

Lieder Elementary

Lieder's student council made valentines and sold them to the students from Feb. 7-11.  $467.76 will be donated to the Bush/Clinton Relief Foundation.

Lowery Elementary

Weston Wilborn and Karl Metzger, two 4th grade students at Lowery Elementary, have organized a fundraising effort  at Lowery (as well as the neighborhood.)  Students from Lowery collected $841.96 for UNICEF.

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Matzke Elementary

“Gifts from the Heart”, donations collected during lunches, will be held January 10 through January 14, 2005.   Money collected will be donated to the American Red Cross. This week's total for the Matzke tsunami relief effort is $4,206.00.

Metcalf Elementary

Metcalf Elementary students and staff collected $321.35 during our "Change for Children".  We will be giving this money to the Red Cross.

Millsap Elementary

The Student Council sponsored “Cents for Tsunami Citizens” the week of January 10 – 14, 2005. $533.12 will be given to UNICEF.

Moore Elementary

Moore sold spirit bracelets, and the entire profit on each bracelet ($1.50) is going to AmeriaCares.  Our donation from Moore to the AmeriCares Foundation for the Tsunami relief effort was $906.00.

Owens Elementary

The faculty and staff   had a fundraiser January 24-28.  They were allowed to wear jeans/tennis shoes for a charge of $2 per day ... or warm-up suits for a charge of $5 per day.  $1287 went to the Bush-Clinton Relief Fund.

Post Elementary

Post raised $819.21 for the Bush Clinton Fund.

Reed Elementary

The Reed Student Council is sponsoring a project for the Tsunami Relief Effort called Buckets of Love. Students and staff are donating personal items (toothpaste, soap, combs, toothbrushes), practical items (band-aids, duct tape, needle and thread kits, plastic cups), and recreational items (jump ropes, small balls, yo-yos, wrapped hard candy) which are placed in the collection buckets located around the school. Global Action and their partners have provided the buckets and have made arrangements for the buckets filled by the students and staff at Reed to be shipped and delivered to the people of Indonesia . The deadline to fill the buckets is February 8.

Robison Elementary

Robison Students Help Tsunami Victims -  In an effort to help the victims of the recent tsunami throughout the second semester of this school year, the Robison Student Council will be organizing school-wide "Dollar Days". There will be one day each month designated as "Dollar Day" for students to bring in donations up to one dollar. The donations will be collected and sent directly to one of the relief organization listed by the USA Freedom Corp. Student Council members will keep a running total of all school-wide donations each month and students may choose to participate once or each month. Below is a list of dates and the designated relief organizations for each month. Thank you in advance for your assistance and efforts to provide students with a way to help so many who are in need at this time.

Robison "Dollar Days"  - Relief Organization
Wednesday, January 26 American Red Cross - $544.36
Wednesday, February 16 Project HOPE - $418.29
Wednesday, March 30 Save The Children - $300.00
Wednesday, April 27 US Fund for UNICEF
- $382.51

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Sampson Elementary

The Sampson Student Council led a fund raising drive to support the Bush-Clinton initiative for Houston.  Over $3440.00 was raised.

Sheridan Elementary

Sheridan raised $500 by selling yellow wristbands with the Sheridan Superstar logo embossed on them. All profits will be going to the Bush-Clinton Tsunami Fund.

Tipps Elementary

During the month of March, Tipps Elementary raised $270.00 as part of the American Red Cross’s tsunami relief effort. The Tipps Student Council asked the students and staff to donate any loose or extra change that they might have in an effort to raise money for tsunami relief.

Walker Elementary

Walker is hostes a fundraising effort called "Have a Helping Heart" from February 1st through 14th.  Every student who brought in $1 will write his/her name on a heart and have it displayed in the main hallway.  They also donated loose change in the Walker Wishing Well located in the main hallway. $1,344.30 will be donated to the American Red Cross for tsunami victims.

Willbern Elementary

Students and staff members collected $1,231.00 for the Houston Tsunami Fund.

Aragon Middle School

In the spirit of giving and helping others, the students and staff members collected a total of $4417.00.  A certified check to the American Red Cross International fund-Tsunami was sent.

Arnold Middle School

We conducted "Penny Wars" from January 14- 21. The students raised $4517 for the Bush-Clinton Fund.

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Bleyl Middle School

Bleyl is selling wrist bands from January 28th through March 1st to benefit the Bush Clinton Relief Fund. If all sell we should raise the amount of $1250.00.

Campbell Middle School

Campbell has raised $514.60 for the tsunami victims and donated the money to the International Red Cross-Tsunami fund.

Cook Middle School

The project (It might be better termed Penny Pounding!) was conducted from January 12-28. $3,956.30 will be donated to the Bush-Clinton fund designated for Doctors without Borders.

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Goodson Middle School

Goodson Middle School has raised $3,253.73 for the Tsunami Relief Effort.  We will donate these funds to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.  

Hamilton Middle School

The 7th grade Texas History teachers and 6 of our students delivered $11,865 dollars to the Houston chapter of the American Red Cross on Wednesday, Jan. 19th.

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Labay Middle School

The “Wave of Change” fund-raiser, sponsored by the eighth- grade class, included collecting money during lunches for the month of January and a Labay Bowl Night at Copperfield Bowling Alley for their families and students.   An additional collection effort is being lead by the Teen Leadership classes, which sold “awareness” bracelets. $1000 was raised.

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Thornton Middle School

Thornton is planning a fundraiser for the tsunami victims.  Please check back soon for details.

Truitt Middle School

The Truitt Student Council collected $1289.63 for the AmeriCares foundation.

truitt.jpg (310075 bytes)

Watkins Middle School

From January 12-21, 2005, with an emphasis on the need for pure water, each day advisory classes filled up small water bottles with spare change.   The small water bottles were then used to fill a large Ozarka water bottle.   $1,707.48 was collected and will be given to the American Red Cross.

Cypress Creek High School

From January 4-21, 2005  Student Council, Asia Club, and National Honor Society collected money during all lunches. We collected as total of $606.20 in cash donations from Students and Faculty. Student Council matched this price, bringing the total to $1212.40. We sent a check to the American Red Cross International Disaster Fund.

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Cy-Fair High School

The Cy-Fair Asian American Club collected $1040 for the UNICEF Tsunami relief fund. The money was primarily donated through lunch collections where students and staff were thanked with fortune cookies.  The club is using their fund raising money to round the total up to $1100. Total money collected from all clubs is $2,000.00

Cypress Falls High School

Three clubs, the YMPA, Muslim Student Association, and the Indian Culture Club sponsored donation collection drives. We collected $3285 for the Tsunami Victims of North and East of Sri Lanka.

Cypress Ridge High School

HOSA Group had a food drive. Cheerleaders sold white ribbons and raise $200.00.

Cypress Springs High School

Cypress Springs Octagon Club sponsored a dance in February raising a total of $1400. All proceeds will be donated to American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund.

Jersey Village High School

Student Congress collected $506.91
Spanish Club donated $250.00 to go with it.
TAFE collected $410.00
Interact gave $250.00

Langham Creek High School

Each staff member and student was challenged by the Student Council to donate at least $1.   $3,440 was collected and will be given to Oasis Communities International.

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