• College Board - AP
    2020-2021 Advanced Placement Exam 

    Full Year & Fall Semester Courses                      

    ONLINE Registration

    Dates of Registration:

            September 28  - Registration opens/begins - 12:00 (noon) 

            November 1     - Registration ends/closed - 12:00 (noon)

    How To Register:

            1. Go to:    www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/443346

            2. Complete Demographic Information for you and your parent

            3. Select test AND Teacher for each test

    • Select “Independent study” if you are re-taking an AP Exam


    • If you are taking an exam for a class you are not currently enrolled in

    4. Complete Payment:  

    • Use a Credit Card


    • Print off invoice and mail with a CASHIER’S Check to “Total Registration” 

    MY AP:

    Make sure that you have registered with your AP teacher on Collegeboard – see your teacher for details

    Price PER Exam:          

            $ 99.00 - Regular Registration or students NOT currently enrolled in the course

            $ 25.00 - Free/Reduced Lunch Students (counselor approval required)

    Late Registration: Nov 2 – Nov 6…online registration only!

    $10.00 late fee per exam

    Test registration that can be confusing so make sure you… SELECT THE RIGHT EXAM!

    High School Course

    AP Exam

    English III AP

    English Language

    English IV AP

    English Literature

    Spanish IV AP

    Spanish Language

    Spanish V AP

    Spanish Literature

    Economics AP

    Macro Economics

    Government AP

    US Government and Politics

    (NOT COMPARATIVE Government)


    Refunds:  Nov 6th is the last day to request a partial refund ($15 cancellation fee) – after that date   all exam sales are final!