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    A great deal of time and emphasis is placed on decision making, conflict resolution, peer and adult relationships, and other tough issues our students face.  Students can work through difficult issues and learn to behave appropriately with the help and support of our counselor and Lead Worthy teachers.  Our goal is to engage, educate, and prepare students for a post-secondary education and/or career after high school. Referrals to a variety of community service agencies are also available upon request. 

    Students will remain in all current classes needed to progress towards graduating on the Foundation or Foundation with Endorsement plan.  Any student’s current credit-bearing courses that are not taught at our campus will be facilitated through our KAPE (K, AP, and Elective) Program.  If your student is enrolled in a KAPE class more information will be given to you individually.

    Substance Abuse Counselor
    Phone: 281-855-4310 ext 014118

    Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has implemented a substance abuse program into the Alternative Learning Centers (East & West locations).  The goal of the substance abuse program is to educate, bring awareness, reduce the use of alcohol and drugs, and decrease the recidivism rate at the ALC campuses for our students.  Some curriculum topics are listed below:

    • Anger Management/Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (CBI) teaches students to identify their anger triggers, while also assisting them in learning to identify appropriate coping and communication skills.  The curriculum also educates students on how their irrational thoughts affect their feelings and emotions, which then contribute to their behaviors.
    • Seeking Safety - examines how to define substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Students will learn the signs and symptoms of substance use and trauma, while also learning how to implement appropriate coping skills for addressing each.