Emergency or Routine Work Order?

  • Emergency:  Telephone
    Routine:  Work Order

    To help Maintenance respond more quickly, please use the proper reporting method.

    • EMERGENCIES are to be reported by telephone at 281-897-4290. 
      (7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.)
    • ROUTINE problems are to be submitted through the SchoolDude Work Order System. 
      (Exceptions: Food Service, Early Learning Child Centers)

    The following examples are provided to help you correctly determine the difference between routine and emergency repair circumstances.


  • The bells are needed to change classes during the day but they are not working. TELEPHONE
    The bells are needed for emergency drills but do not operate. TELEPHONE
    When the bells are sounded, there is a room that cannot hear the bell. WORK ORDER


  • It appears that the ceiling is loose and may fall. TELEPHONE
    A piece of ceiling tile is missing and needs to be replaced. WORK ORDER


  • An outside door cannot be locked. TELEPHONE
    Only entrance door to a room cannot be unlocked. TELEPHONE
    A door closer is broken and needs to be repaired. WORK ORDER


  • A drinking fountain is leaking and water is running on the floor. TELEPHONE
    A drinking fountain is not working properly. WORK ORDER


  • A bare wire or an electrical short is observed. TELEPHONE
    One of the electric outlets in the classroom does not work. WORK ORDER


  • Report an elevator not working TELEPHONE: (281) 897-4065
                                                                      (281) 897-4290 


  • A major portion of the building is hot or cold. TELEPHONE
    One room in the building is hot or cold. WORK ORDER


  • The lights in the classroom cannot be turned on. TELEPHONE
    One of the lights in the classroom is not working. WORK ORDER


  • The entire P.A. system is not operational. TELEPHONE
    Two rooms in the building cannot hear an announcement when it is made on the public address system. WORK ORDER


  • Report pests inside/outside. WORK ORDER



  • Water is pouring in the building and the custodian needs help cleaning up the water. Water is leaking into the building. A wastebasket has been placed under the leak. TELEPHONE
    Stained ceiling tiles that give evidence of a leak. WORK ORDER 


  • The sewer is stopped up and sewage is backing up into restroom. TELEPHONE
    There is a smell that appears to be coming from the sewer. TELEPHONE


  • There is not any domestic water in the building.TELEPHONE
    An outside water faucet is running wide open and is flooding the outside area.TELEPHONE
    There is not any water in one of the two lavatories in the student restroom.WORK ORDER
    A water faucet is leaking but there is not a flooding condition.WORK ORDER



  • Broken window that will allow someone to enter the building. Call Immediately
    Broken window inside the building that is a danger to students. TELEPHONE
    Window that is chipped or cracked. WORK ORDER