BOND 1998

  • Total 1998 Bond Referendum:  $264.6 million
    Election Date:  Oct. 3, 1998
    Approval Rate:  81% approval

    Birkes Elementary School, Elementary No. 36 - Opened in August 2003 and is located near the corner of Queenston and West Roads adjacent to Aragon Middle School.  The school, not included in the 1998 bond election, is funded with savings from bond projects and interest income from the 1998 bonds. The final contract amount was $8,827,500 and was constructed by Purcell Construction.  This school was a modified version of Kirk Elementary and was designed by SHW Architects.  Birkes provided enrollment relief to Copeland, Fiest, and Lowery Elementary Schools.

    Bradley Security Building - A construction contract for $1,065,200 was awarded to Smith Commercial Contracting for the construction of the district’s new security building. The funding for the construction was made possible through interest earnings and project cost savings from the 1998 bond election. The project was completed in March 2002.

    Cypress Ridge High School, High School No. 7 - Opened in August 2002 and is located on Eldridge Parkway and West Road near Traders Village.  The school design is a repeat of Cypress Springs High School.  Trustees awarded a contract in the amount of $3,473,000 to Purcell Construction, Inc. for the construction of the Instructional Support Center expansion. The expansion is to the north side of the facility and includes additional parking spaces for personnel. Funding for the expansion project was generated by interest earned and cost savings from 1998 bond projects. Construction was completed in July 2002.

    Sampson Elementary School, Elementary no. 35 - Opened in August 2002 and is located in Coles Crossing.  The School was modeled after the plans for Gleason Elementary and was designed by PBK Architects.  Sampson provided enrollment relief to Ault, Farney and Lamkin Elementary Schools.