BOND 2014

  • Total 2014 Bond Referendum: $1.2 billion
    Election Date: May 10, 2014
    Approval Rate: 68.7% approval

    May 10, 2014: CFISD bond referendum passes with overwhelming voter support
    Bond 2014 Overview


    Revised: 3/5/24

    The substantial completion dates listed are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

    * For additional information & updates, please contact Tina Fontaine at 281-517-2809.  

2014 Bond Completed Construction Projects

Facility Architect Completed
Adam ES Renovation VLK Aug. 2017
ALC E, Carpenter Center & ALC W Renovations PBK Aug. 2021
Andre’, Birkes, Emery, Hemmenway, Lamkin, & Postma ES Renovations Page Aug. 2021
Bane ES Renovation IBI Aug. 2017
Black, Danish, Duryea, Farney, Kirk, Lee & Sampson ES Renovations VLK Aug. 2021
Bleyl MS Renovation PBK Jan. 2022
Brautigam Center (Matzke Repurpose) PBK Aug. 2019
Bridgeland HS IBI Aug. 2017
Campbell MS Renovation PBK Jan. 2022
Copeland ES Renovation VLK Jan. 2022
Falcon Annex & M&O Renovations Joiner Aug. 2021
Fiest ES Renovation Huckabee Jan. 2022
Frazier ES Renovation Page Nov. 2021
Hamilton MS Renovation Huckabee Aug. 2020
High School Tracks & Turf IBI Aug. 2018
Hairgrove ES Renovation IBI Dec. 2021
Horne ES Renovation IBI Dec. 2021
Holbrook & Post ES & Kahla MS Renovations IBI Nov. 2021
Hoover ES VLK Aug. 2017
Hopper, Salyards & Smith MS Track Renovations IBI Aug. 2021
Keith, McFee, Pope, & Rennell ES Renovations Joiner Aug. 2021
Labay MS Renovation IBI Aug. 2020
Lowery ES Renovation Joiner Nov. 2021
M. Robison, A. Robison, Swenke, Tipps & Warner ES Renovations Huckabee Aug. 2021
Middle School Tracks Partial
Millsap ES Renovation IBI Nov. 2021
Natatorium PBK Aug. 2017
New Matzke ES PBK Aug. 2017
Pridgeon Stadium Renovation PBK Aug. 2016
Rowe MS PBK Jul. 2020
Salyards MS Renovation IBI Mar. 2022
Sheridan ES Renovation VLK Jan. 2022
Watkins MS Renovation PBK Aug. 2017
Wells ES IBI Aug. 2017
Westgreen Ag Center VLK Dec. 2016
Westgreen Transportation Center VLK Dec. 2016
Wilson ES Renovation IBI Nov. 2021
Yeager ES Renovation Page Nov. 2021
McGown Elementary School (No. 57) IBI Jun. 2022