• CFISD recognizes and values the importance of a safe and secure educational environment both on and off our campuses. As such CFISD does assign state certified peace officers to all Middle Schools and High Schools. Campus officers work collaboratively with school administration and district personnel to protect life, property, and to prevent any form of student victimization. Our officers are committed to an environment that fosters the opportunity and the freedom for our entire CFISD community to grow intellectually in a fair and positive learning environment.

    Campus officers are also responsible for many other aspects of campus security and law enforcement to include crime prevention, education, criminal investigation, emergency preparedness, asset protection, video surveillance, and building access control. CFISD has been fortunate not to experience a significant number of serious criminal incidents, however in an effort to provide the safest learning environment possible our officers continually train and commit to the most proactive, innovative, and effective law enforcement practices the industry has to offer.

    CFISD Campus Officers not only serve as “First Responders” on campus, but also respond to any peripheral threats within the immediate vicinity that may compromise the overall safety of any CFISD campus community.

    The Campus Operations Division is divided into 6 geographical districts called “zones”. The division is supervised by 2 Lieutenant and 6 Zone Sergeants.