The CFISD Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of two units; the Criminal Investigations Unit and the Gang Investigations Unit.



    The mission of the Criminal Investigations Division is to provide support to the CFISD Police Department and CFISD as a whole by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations. The unit is dedicated to providing superior investigative services, in order to ensure the preservation of life, the protection of property, and to maintain the overall safety and security of the district’s students, faculty, staff, and facilities. Our investigators also work closely with our outside law enforcement partners to successfully solve crimes, gather intelligence, to share resources, and to identify and apprehend suspected criminals.




    "" The goal of the Criminal Investigations Unit is to take a leadership position to insure that all investigative leads and evidence are incorporated into a comprehensive investigation, in order to present a case that is prosecutable in court and to insure that all local, state, and federal laws as well as all departmental policies and guidelines are followed.




    special crimes unitThe goal of the Special Crimes Unit is to collaborate with our CFISD community to proactively address a wide range of criminal activities that threatens to disrupt the educational environment. The Special Crimes Unit is dedicated to addressing various issues, including but not limited to, gang suppression and education, weapons offenses, narcotics, sexual assault, sex trafficking, as well as investigations requiring specialized knowledge in technology and social media platforms. They also handle other criminal behavior typically investigated by specialized vice units.

    As part of their multifaceted approach, the Special Crimes Unit actively engages in education, prevention, and intervention strategies. Beyond traditional law-enforcement-based gang suppression, their focus extends to providing assessments for school administration and campus officers on gang activities. The Special Crimes Unit Detectives conduct many different presentations for campus administration, faculty, and staff, as well as parent and community groups.


  • The Criminal Investigations Division is Supervised by:

    Sgt. Chris Canales