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    Tuesday, February 13, 2024
    12 – 4 p.m.
    The Berry Center Arena 
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    The following guidelines are intended to assist any fundraiser vendor interested in offering their program/services to a campus or organization within CFISD. The guidelines are also intended to provide our campuses and organizations with the expectations CFISD has for all fundraiser vendors.

    • All fundraiser vendors must have an Approved Fundraiser Vendor Pass from the Director of General Administration office before offering their program/service to a campus/support organization. All campuses and support organizations are asked to request a vendor's pass before visiting with any vendor on a program/service.

    • To obtain an approved pass, all fundraiser vendors must complete and submit a Proposal for District Fundraiser Services, 23-07-2020RFP.
    • Once a vendor has submitted the necessary information, the Director of General Administration will review and contact the vendor with any additional questions or concerns. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled between the vendor and Director of General Administration. If a meeting is not needed, the vendor will be contacted with a decision. If approved, the vendor will receive an approval pass via the mail. If denied, the vendor will receive a letter stating such and the reason for the denial. If there is a question about the status of a particular request, please contact the Director of General Administration office.

    • Once a vendor has received an Approved Vendor Pass, they are entitled to contact schools and/or organizations about their program/service. Vendors are required to set an appointment with the appropriate staff member in order to introduce themselves and their program. A vendor may not drop off a flier or brochure without an appointment and expect the school to deliver it.

    • An Approved Vendor Pass does not guarantee a vendor that a campus or organization must meet with them. The pass simply acknowledges that a vendor has been approved to offer their program to our district. It is expected that all fundraiser vendors will respect our campus personnel and support organizations decision when it relates to choosing a fundraiser program. Any violation of these expectations may result in a vendor losing the privilege of conducting fundraiser business with CFISD.

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