• The VIPS Executive Board is comprised of volunteers whose responsibilities include offering support, guidance, and training to all volunteers in the district.

    The VIPS Executive Board meets monthly to evaluate and address the needs of the district and distribute information relating to volunteer and community activities while strengthening parental involvement in education.


    • Aracely Adams - PTO Presidents' Council
    • Essence Castro - PTO Presidents' Council
    • Kim Elliott - PTO Presidents' Council
    • Lesley Garcia - Event Planning
    • Cyndi Matteson - Global Volunteers and Appreciation
    • Karen McConaughey - PTO Presidents' Council
    • Jaclyn Sheeren - Event Planning
    • Becky Souther - Recognition
    • David Wallace - SRC and Event Planning
    • Alice Wimberly - Event Planning
    • Patricia Zepeda - Event Planning  

    If you are a CFISD resident and have served as a volunteer at a CFISD campus, you are eligible to be nominated to the CFISD VIPS Executive Board. Please contact Dawn Tryon, Director of Community Engagement, at 281-894-3950 for a nomination form.