• In CFISD, Semester Exam Exemptions are offered to students in grades 9-12.  To qualify for a Semester Exam Exemption in a class, a student must have an 80 average for the semester. The number of available exemptions per grade level is as follows:

Grade Level Available Exemptions (Fall) Available Exemptions (Spring)
9th 1 1
10th 2 2
11th 3 3
12th 4 7
  • However, an immediate Loss of Exemption occurs if the student:

    • fails to clear fees or costs of textbooks OR
    • receives:
      • a U (Unsatisfactory) in conduct,
      • a Out of School Suspension, OR
      • a DAEP Placement at ALC/JJAEP

    For more information regarding Semester Exam Exemptions please refer to the CFISD Student Handbook. Students and guardians may also visit their child’s campus and/or contact the Office of Student Services for a hard copy of the handbook.