• All medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent/guardian. Medication will be secured in the clinic at all times.


  • School nurses and other school employees designated by the superintendent are allowed to administer medication in compliance with physicians' orders to students during school hours under the following conditions:


  • The school district has received a written request to administer medication from the parent, legal guardian or other person having legal control of the student. 

    Prescription medication must be in the original container properly labeled with child's name, name of medicine and directions for time and dosage.

    Medication must be prescribed by a medical professional licensed to practice in the United States.

    School district employees shall not be required to administer any medication that exceeds recommended dosages, or administer any procedure that conflicts with standard medical practice, as described in recognized medical references on these issues.


  • Non-prescription medication shall be in the original, unopened container. Student's name and directions for time/dosage shall be provided by the parent/legal guardian at the time the request to administer the medication is made. Substances such as vitamins, herbal preparations, etc. will not be given during school hours.


  • All medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult and shall be secured there at all times. For the safety and protection of all students, medication will not be sent home with students. Students will not be allowed to carry medications except for emergency medications such as insulin, inhalers or epi-pens.

    When the period for administering the medication expires, the medication must be picked up by the parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult. A doctor's note is required to be on file in the school clinic for any emergency medication a student may need to carry such as insulin, inhalers or EpiPens.


  • In the event the school nurse, in the exercise of professional judgment, questions the administering of any particular medication as excessive or otherwise potentially harmful to the student, the nurse will cease to administer the medication and notify the parents and the physician. The nurse will consult with the school principal and others as appropriate.