• Prior to registration, students from other countries desiring a foreign exchange experience must first be approved as a foreign exchange student by the Director of Student Admissions, Attendance and Transfers. The Foreign Exchange Organization Representative may contact that office at 281-517-6342.

    Once approved, the host family must register the student online, providing the requirements requested. During the registration process, the campus registrar's office will contact the host family for any missing required documents. The registrar's office will provide academic records to the counselor, who will be completing class selection with the student and host family.

    Students who are eligible and elect to graduate will be referred to the Guidance & Counseling Office for evaluation of international documents.


  • The District’s goal is to provide Foreign Exchange Students (FES) the opportunity to experience the rewards of participating in quality educational programs, to meet and interact with students with a variety of interests, and to become more fluent in both written and spoken English.

    Prior to registration, students from other countries desiring a foreign exchange experience must:

    • be approved as foreign exchange student by the Director of Students Services/Admissions. Please send application packets via email to Foreign Exchange Admissions.

    • agree to attend the high school the host family’s residential address is zoned to attend.
    1. All foreign exchange organizations shall meet the requirements of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

    2. Any cost for student records required by the foreign exchange organization or home country is the responsibility of the foreign exchange student.

    3. Students who have completed the equivalent of their high school education, received a diploma or a certification of graduation or those considered eligible for college or university placement are not eligible for the foreign exchange program in CFISD. Falsification of a student record in this regard will result in immediate withdrawal of the student.

    4. The host family must reside in the high school attendance zone for the high school for which the foreign exchange organization is making application.

    5. In the event the host family of a foreign exchange student moves within the District during the school year, the participating student must apply for an intra-district transfer to be allowed to complete the school year at the original school. However, transportation is the responsibility of the host family.

    6. The foreign exchange student is responsible for providing an English translation of an immunization report that includes the month/date/year of all required immunizations, along with the School Acceptance Form.

    7. The host family is responsible for enrolling the student at the high school at which the foreign exchange student has been approved for enrollment.  A representative from a foreign exchange organization may not enroll the student.

    8. Foreign exchange students are accepted for one full instructional calendar year only.  Foreign exchange students will NOT be accepted for a single semester.

    9. The foreign exchange student’s transcript prior to registering in the district will be evaluated to determine student’s grade level and courses.  The transcript will not be transcribed to reflect courses earned unless the student graduates with CFISD.

    10. Foreign exchange students are expected to take the state assessments for the grade level in which the student is placed. If a foreign exchange student is an eligible English Language Learner (ELL), the STAAR English I assessment special provision under the Texas Administrative Code at 101.1007 applies.  

    11. Foreign exchange students will be at a distinct disadvantage if they do not have adequate skills in written and spoken English.  

    12. Coaches and sponsors of extracurricular activities will be responsible for obtaining and evaluating proper credentials to determine a foreign exchange student’s eligibility for participation in a UIL activity for which the student expresses interest.

    13. If a foreign exchange student is returned to his/her home country or is moved to another district after acceptance in CFISD, the foreign exchange organization will not be allowed to replace the student who has been withdrawn.

    Note:  Acceptance is granted after all required components of the application process have been met.  

    Representatives of foreign exchange organizations are encouraged to contact the district’s Student Services Office  at (281) 517-6342 regarding questions about the application process, identification of the potential host family’s high school attendance zone, or any other issues pertaining to the foreign exchange program.  Representatives of foreign exchange organizations should not make contact with individual campuses prior to receiving signed approval in the form of a School Acceptance Form. For more information regarding foreign exchange please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Website.