• The Registrar's Office must be notified immediately upon a student’s change of primary residence.

    Please provide proof of address as soon as you move, dated within the last 30 days. Documents that are provided should reflect the parent/legal guardian's name and street address. Please be prepared to submit one item from Line A and one item from Line B.  For additional questions please contact the Registrar at the above email.

    • Line A: (Lessee) Verification in the form of your current lease; (Homeowner) Verification in the form of HCAD records, a mortgage statement, or closing documents
    • Line B: Verification in the form of your current gas, water, or light bill


  • A student whose primary residence changes from one attendance zone within the District to another attendance zone within the District, after the school year has begun, may apply for an intradistrict transfer.

    Refer to this CFISD transfer page for additional information regarding student transfers. For questions not covered, please email the Registrar’s Office, or contact the office of Student Services/Admissions at (281) 517-6342 or email their office at