• Cypress Creek High School Honorees. We honor those who have graduated from Cypress Creek High School and have made outstanding contributions to their field or to society in general. For more information about this honor, please click on Cy-Creek Wall of Honor. To nominate someone for this honor, please click on Wall of Honor Nomination. You can also order past yearbooks as well. Please click on order past yearbooks link as well. 



  • Sam Adams, Professional Athlete (class of 1991)

  • Kevin Beam, Veterinary Medicine (class of 1990)

  • Jason Colbert, Military, (class of 1984)

  • Susan Collins, Professor/Behavioral Science (class of 1994)

  • Nick Drago, Performing Arts (class of 1999)

  • David Edgerton, United States Navy (class of 1994)

  • TJ Farnsworth, Entrepreneur (class of 1996)

  • Katie (Dildy) Goossen, US Military (class of 2000)

  • Chris Hutchinson, M.D., Athletics and Medical (class of 1988)

  • Paul Janish, Professional Athlete (class of 2001)

  • Chris Knaute, U.S. Military (class of 2003)

  • Keefe Manning, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering (class of 1991)

  • Rachel McNeill, Broadcast Journalism (class of 1992)

  • Yehudi Mercado, Art, (class of 1992)

  • Bradley Myles, Business and Humanitarian (class of 1998)