• Students may take two days to visit a college or military branch during their junior year and two during their senior year. A college or military visit form must be signed by a parent and contain a stamp, seal or signed letterhead from the college visited. Letterhead must include students name, date visited campus and college representative signature. The form must then be turned in to the attendance office. Visit the attendance office located across from the main office to obtain the form. 

     View the college visit form.   


  • When it is necessary for a student to be absent from school, a parent/guardian should call the Attendance Office to report the absence.  All absences are unexcused until a note is received from a doctor or parent.  In order to excuse the absence, a note must be received within 3 days of the student’s return to school.  Three or more unexcused absences may result in court action.  All full-day absences count toward exemptions, with the exception of a College Day visit or court appearance. Parents/guardians may fax notes directly to the Attendance Office (our fax number is listed above); you are also encouraged to give our fax number to your doctor’s office and request that they fax us a doctor note excusing absences from school due to illness, injury, etc. Phone calls to report absences are a courtesy only and are not excused absences


  • Per CFISD Student Handbook, page 22, all District campuses are closed campuses. Once students arrive on campus, they may not leave without following the appropriate procedure established by the campus administration. CCHS does NOT permit students to leave campus with just a phone call from a parent/guardian. Please do not text your student and ask them to meet you outside of the building. Safety of your children/our students is of utmost concern, which is why we have the following procedures in place.

    When your student needs early dismissal, a note is required with the student’s name, grade, time to be released, phone number, and a parent’s/guardian’s signature. The note must be brought to the attendance office before classes begin at 7:20 a.m. so that your student can receive a dismissal pass and report to the attendance office at the appropriate time. These notes can also be faxed to us with a copy of parents/guardian’s license and signature at (281) 807-8611. Attendance personnel will call the parent/guardian to confirm the student’s early dismissal before the student will be allowed to leave campus. When we get confirmation by phone, the student can sign out and meet their parent out front or leave in their own vehicle. Parents picking up students after 2:20 pm, without notifying the attendance office earlier in the day, will have to wait until the 2:40 pm dismissal bell. Students must always remember to sign back in with the attendance office when returning to school during the day. If they do not sign in they will be marked absent for the rest of the day.


  • Students who become ill must obtain a pass from class to the clinic.  The clinic will contact a parent for dismissal from school. 


  • For your convenience, the Cypress Creek High School web site is a valuable tool for you and your student; it can be accessed to view assignments/homework, or you may email the teacher directly.  If you do not have computer access and the student has been absent for three consecutive days due to illness, homework may be requested through the Attendance Office by calling the number listed above. 

    Teachers must be given a 24-hour turn-around time to submit the work to the Front Office to be picked up.