• How can I become a student at the Leonard Brautigam Center?

  • Where is LBC located?

  • What does LBC offer students?

  • Why do students attend LBC?

  • How do students find their way to LBC?

  • What is the LBC Creed?

  • What does a typical LBC student look like?

  • What are some other instructional programs offered at LBC?

  • What are the school hours for LBC?

  • Is transportation provided to LBC?

  • May I drive to LBC and where can I pick up a parking pass?

  • Is breakfast and lunch available?

  • What is the Dress Code Policy for LBC?

  • What is the Phone Policy for LBC?

  • What is the Tardy Policy at the Brautigam Center?

  • I need to take medication at school. How is this handled?


  • For any other questions, please call us at (281) 807-8684 or email us.