• Student Dress code

    Education is an opportunity afforded to all children in our nation and should be considered to be an important part of their lives. Dress and grooming guidelines should be considered to reflect the importance of education and a positive image of oneself. Students should always consider these general guidelines when dressing for the school day:

    • A student’s dress should be modest and respectful
    • A student’s dress should in no way disrupt the school environment or cause concern for the health and safety of adults or other students
    • A student’s dress must be of an appropriate size and fit. Clothing should not be excessively tight or loose fitting.


    Students at the ABC follow a standardized dress code that includes the following:

    1. Shirts or blouses must be free of any inappropriate content, graphics, innuendos.
    2. Pants may include jeans or slacks of a solid color with no rips, tears or holes. Shorts and skirts may also be worn as long as they are no more than 2” above the knee and are solid with no rips, tears, or holes.
    3. Solid color sweatshirts or pullover sweaters with no zippers, no writing or graphics, and no hoods.
    4. Piercings should be simple studs, no hoops or chains.
    5. Close toed shoes are required.
    6. Tattoos should be covered at all times.
    7. Hair should be kept neat and groomed and should not cause a distraction to the learning environment

    Clothing specifically prohibited:

    1. Yoga pants
    2. Athletic shorts or athletic wear
    3. Bandanas
    4. Hats and head coverings

    Specific Guidelines:

    • Undergarments should never be visible
    • Pants should be worn at the waist. Sagging is not permitted.
    • All clothing should be clean and free of holes
    • Jackets/coats are not permitted in class and should be checked in each day

    The final determination of the student’s adherence or exception(s) to the dress code is the decision of the Director of the Adaptive Behavior Center or an administrative designee.