Lunch Deliveries

  • You want to have food dropped off to you 

    • No food deliveries are accepted from restaurants or delivery services (Ubereats, DoorDash).
    • All deliveries from parents are to be dropped off on a cart inside of the security vestibule. Student’s name & lunch period should be clearly written on the item. The school is not responsible for any item dropped off.

    You want to have a visitor eat with you during lunch:

    • Only your parents or guardians can eat lunch with you. All visitors must first check in with the receptionist and receive a visitors pass. Siblings may join you for lunch as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    You want to leave campus during your lunch:

    Cypress Ranch HS is a ‘Closed Campus’. You may not leave campus to purchase lunch and return. Only a parent or guardian, through the attendance office can obtain permission for you to leave campus during the school day. Anyone found off campus during the school day will be considered truant and will receive disciplinary consequences.