• Year opened: 2002

    Cypress Ridge High School opened its doors to students in the fall of 2002 under the leadership of Principal Claudio Garcia.  A number of names were considered for the new high school with the only certainty being the first part which would be “Cypress”.  There was a housing subdivision within the attendance boundaries called The Meadows and serious consideration was given to naming the new school Cypress Meadows.  In the end, the name was decided to be Cypress Ridge based on the fact that the school was to be given an address on EldRidge Parkway.  Thus, the name Cypress Ridge was born.

    Cypress Ridge’s school colors of white, green and blue are a combination of the school colors of our middle feeder schools.  The Campbell Middle School colors are green and white, Truitt Middle School’s are blue and white as are those at Dean Middle School. 

    Back in 2001 and 2002 a number of surveys were completed with students in 8th and 9th grade that would eventually be the first graduating classes at Cypress Ridge for the purpose of picking a school mascot.  Consideration was given to Rough Riders, Raiders, Hawks, Tigers and Bears, but when all of the votes were tallied the mascot was decided to be Rams.  It probably didn’t hurt that the St. Louis Rams had won the NFL Superbowl championship in January of 2000 and were again in the Superbowl in February of 2002. 

    Here’s an interesting side note on the current “charging Ram” used as one of the Cypress Ridge logos.  That logo is an altered version of the NFL St. Louis Rams logo.  Before Cy Ridge was allowed to use the logo there had to be at least a 10% variation to the existing St. Louis logo.  We changed the colors and the angle which the Ram charged at that was that.  Cy Ridge actually had to send the proposed logo to the St. Louis Rams for approval prior to use.

    If you spend any time around Cy Ridge you will likely hear or see the saying, “Rams in the House……Bad News”!  That little saying started in 2004 with one of our very own students.  That year Cy Ridge had its first season of varsity football.  Local prognosticators picked Ridge to finish dead last and be the doormat of the district.  In the final game of the regular season against Cy Fair High School, Chad Lyndsay, one of our players, walked onto the field at Pridgeon Stadium, saw the crowd, figured that no one had given Cy Ridge a chance at winning the district championship, and told the team, “Rams in the House…..Bad News”.  Cypress Ridge won the district football championship in 2004.

    The Cypress Ridge school song is a compilation of work done by a professional song writer and one of the school’s first choir teachers.  The melody was selected then later altered to fit some changes to the lyrics.  The Cypress Ridge fight song (not to be confused with the school song) is the same as the one used by the University of Michigan.  You will hear that familiar tune played often at football games and other campus events involving the band.

    Cypress Ridge High School continues to build a strong tradition of culture and achievement under the current principal, Stephanie Meshell.  Ms. Meshell has taken many of the core values established by Mr. Garcia and built an even stronger foundation of student success.  In just thirteen years, the students at Cypress Ridge High School have made significant contributions to the success of Cy Fair ISD and the community in general.  We’re only beginning.  The excellence of Ram Nation is destined to continue for decades to come.

    All hail the White, Green and Blue of the Cypress Ridge Rams!