• Partnerships with the community are vital in order to strengthen instructional outcomes for all students. We would like you to develop a collaborative relationship with us that will foster long-term student achievement... one that offers opportunities for all students... to make a difference together.

    Learn more about Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS).

    Parents, by becoming a Cy-Springs High School volunteer in the VIPS program, you will be able to:

    • Make a difference in education. 
    • Connect with students and staff. 
    • Foster an enthusiastic culture. 
    • Have fun.

    For more information regarding Cy-Springs High School VIPS Program, view or download the VIPS Handout and the VIPS Recruiting Flyer.

    Learn more about CFISD's VIPS program and register as a parent volunteer. Once registered with VIPS, you can sign up to volunteer on campus.


VIPS Liaison

VIPS Co-Coordinator