Honor Code & NHS Bylaws

  • Bridgeland High School
    Honor Code

    Bridgeland High School is an institution of learning. It is our goal to teach every student that attends Bridgeland HS the state curriculum as well as the necessary skills and knowledge so that each student can be successful in an ever changing world. In order for this goal to be accomplished, cheating is unacceptable within our community.

    Bridgeland High School is a place of high integrity and in keeping with the philosophy of the school, any breach of this Honor Code may result in serious consequences (including, but not limited to grade penalties, removal from school organizations and possible suspension).

    We, herein mandate the standard of honor by which students should conduct themselves within the Bridgeland High School community. Cheating is any form of academic dishonesty. It occurs when one takes credit for the work of another person, whether the material be directly copied or superficially disguised (plagiarism).  Cheating also includes posting, sending or giving intellectual property that will  be graded/evaluated by the teacher (not limited to sending pictures or the use of social media apps).

    In the event of an infraction of this Honor Code, the student will receive a grade penalty and/or a discipline consequence. The discipline will be determined by a  Bridgeland High School administrator on an individual basis.

    In addition, the student will not be allowed to apply for membership to any Honor Societies at Bridgeland High School during the current school year, or the following year. If the student is already a member of an Honor Society when a cheating incident occurs, the administration will investigate and work with sponsors to determine if the student will be removed.

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