Dates for Regular AP Registration: Full Year Courses

  • Tuesday, September 6, 2022 – November 1, 2022

    *(Registrations that are not paid by November 1, 2022, will be canceled and exams will not be ordered.)

    Dates for LATE AP Registration: $10.00 late fee per exam

    November 2, 2022 12:01 AM – November 4, 2022 at 11:59 AM  (Noon)

Dates for AP Registration - Spring Only Courses

  • Tuesday, January 22, 2024 - Monday, February 21, 2024 **Students may also register for full year courses during this time for an extra $40 fee.

    Late Registration – 2/22/24 at 5:01pm – 2/23/24 at 12:00pm - $10.00 late fee per exam

Exam Price:

    • $102.00 per test
    • $25.00 per test for students on Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program
    • Cy-Hope Scholarships: (Application/Essay required describing extenuating circumstance supporting a need for financial assistance.) Available for ALL students.
    • applications available at Mrs. Davis' office in H House

Test registration can be confusing… Please select the right exam!

  • Some commonly confused courses when registering:

    • English III AP--English Language
    • English IV AP--English Literature
    • Spanish IV AP--Spanish Language
    • Spanish V AP--Spanish Literature
    • Economics AP--Macro Economics
    • Government AP--US Government and Politics (NOT Comparative Government)

Refund Deadline: (For exams you choose to cancel.)

    • Students who cancel an exam by Wednesday – November 1st, 2023, are entitled to a full refund.
    • After Wednesday, November 1st , 2023, there are no refunds for full year courses.
    • Spring-only courses may be entitled to a full refund until the 2/12/24 deadline.
    • Late fees are nonrefundable.

How to Register Online:

    1. Create a student account on collegeboard.org
    2. Click the yellow button “Join Class”
    3. Enter the Join Code for the course you are taking. Ask your teacher for the code.
    4. For each exam, you have to then also click the “Register for Exam” button and confirm.
    5. Create another account on totalregistration.net
    6. In the middle of the page, click “Register for 2024 Exams”
    7. Use the same join codes to register for your exams.
    8. If you are on Free or Reduced lunch, select that option when you register on TotalRegistration.net. You won’t be able to pay right away, but we will approve you as soon as we can, and you’ll just need to log back in a day or two later (not counting the weekend) to pay your fees. The F/R lunch fee is $25 per exam. DO NOT forget to go back and actually PAY for your exam(s)!