JV’s Students of the Week

  • JV’s of the Week for November 27, 2023

    • Thai Dinh
    • Gabriel Castillo Vanni
    • Jasmine Acosta
    • Collin Hansen

    Thai Dinh truly leads in class, models exemplary behavior, and puts in the work and effort to effectively take ownership of his section. - Matthew Beland


    Gabriel Castillo Vanni is the hardest working student in all of my classes. There is not a single day when he is not giving 110% in class. He is constantly engaged and always participating. Gabriel finished the first grading period with a 100 average. - Justin Rigdon


    Jasmine Acosta has a positive attitude EVERY day.  She constantly encourages her classmates & is leader amongst her peers. - Coach Smith


    Collin Hansen goes beyond what is called for with his assignments. He looks to do more and learn more. - Kelly Groark

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  • JV’s of the Week for November 10, 2023  

    • Maddie Marks
    • Jack (Jacqueline) Ruiz
    • Cameron Guillory

    Maddie Marks always takes the time to ask questions when she doesn't understand something. She works very hard to make sure that her work is well done. She helps others in class and always has a positive attitude - Kelly Groark

    Jack (Jacqueline) Ruiz has gone out of their way to learn even more French than we are doing in class by downloading Duolingo and practicing at home.   They demonstrated that today by using some of the vocab they learned at home on their assignment :) - Jenn Fuller

    Cameron Guillory has worked hard on his grades This grading period. He took care of missing assignments on his own and earned a great grade in class - Comeau

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  • JV’s of the Week for October 27, 2023  

    • Tatianna Burciaga
    • Jaden Oung
    • Aiden (Andrew) Ross
    • Daniel Lezama

    Tatianna Burciaga is far ahead of her peers in her practicum cohort as well as the leader of them. 

    She is extremely talented and motivated and is an example to all students. - Brandy Milson


    Jaden Oung is a hard worker who does his work when asked.  He is cooperative and always works and finishes assignments. 

    He is friendly and always comes to class with a smile on his face ready to work.  - Amber Anderson


    Aiden (Andrew) Ross always has a positive attitude in class and

    is willing to participate and help others including myself when needed. -  Jenn Fuller


    Daniel Lezama always has a great attitude. He comes to class ready to learn and help others too. - Leika Rushing

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  • JV’s of the Week for October 23, 2023  

    • Shane Jindal
    • Manuel Estrada
    • Kendrick Little 

    Shane Jindal always participates in class and is doing a great job learning Spanish 2. Plus he's helpful and kind. - Renee Ingham


    Manuel Estrada is always so positive and supportive of others in class. - Kelly Groark


    Kendrick Little  -  Starter on the football. Silent leader, leads by example and always coachable and respectful and hardworking. Great kid with a great attitude. Very deserving. - David Snokhous

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  • JV’s of the Week for October 17, 2023  

    • Tatianna Burciaga
    • Juan Rios
    • Cesar Gomez
    • Avery Dishman 

    Tatianna Burciaga is a Practicum of Animation student.  She is always ahead of her deadlines.  She is a leader among the other practicum students and excels in anyway. She is dedicated and helpful to peers and others. Tatianna is an excellent addition to the JVTV staff this year.  - Brandy Milson


    Juan Rios is an advanced Tech student that works really hard at his job, he is in a beginners class this year and he has been super helpful to what I've been working on teaching. Thanks Juan for helping out.  - Jayme Norfleet


    Cesar Gomez leads by example and has a positive attitude towards whatever we ask him to do.  - Kim Simpson


    Avery Dishman is always willing to lead the underclassman in daily warm-ups, help others in whatever they need and is just an overall a great student. She accepts people for who they are and leads with kindness.  - Brittany Sproles

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  • JV’s of the Week for October 9, 2023


    Fernanda Rodriguez

    Nevaeh Lopez

    Madison Heaggans

     Madison Koopmann


    Fernanda Rodriguez takes ownership of her learning environment daily. Despite the hectic students around her, she makes a choice every class period to focus, ask questions, and demonstrate her learning. - Brandi Lira


    Nevaeh Lopez is in a difficult class with a lot of distractions, but she always works hard and turns in her work on time. She is one of my best class participants. Nevaeh takes pride in doing a good job and being successful. She's a real grinder. - Justin Rigdon


    (Madison Heaggans) Milo has a great attitude toward learning Spanish and helps me out with passing out papers. - Renee Ingham


    Madison Koopmann helps a special needs students in our class every single day by assisting him in  getting his materials, gluing into his notebook, opening his water for him, and packing up. She is so helpful and does all of this without being asked! - Danielle Olivarez

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