• Year opened: 1985

    Langham Creek High school was the  fourth high school built in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School  District.  The district needed a fourth  high school to help relieve overcrowding at Cy-Fair, Jersey Village and Cypress  Creek High schools.  Langham Creek, located in an area formerly known as Wolf Corners, adopted as its  mascot the Lobo.  The area was once known  to have wolves roaming the area around FM 529 and Barker Cypress. Wolf hunters were even known to display wolf  hides on the corner of Highway 6 and FM 529.           

    Prior to the opening of Langham Creek High in the fall of 1985, the  newly built Labay Junior High served as the interim campus for Lobo staff and  students for the 1984 school year.  In  the fall of 1985, the 453,000 square foot building opened its doors to approximately 1400 students.  George Hopper served as the first principal  of Langham Creek until 1991.  He was  followed by Leonard Brautigam from 1991-1996, Ray Housley from 1996-2002, Tom Strother from 2002-2009,  Dr. Cheryl Johns from 2009-2012, and David Hughes from 2012-2019. Dr. Jose Martinez is Langham Creek’s current principal.

    Langham Creek continues to strive for excellence  both academically and athletically.  The  “Pride of Langham Creek” can be found in our diverse student population.  Our 2,900 plus students, from many backgrounds  and ethnicities, come together daily to form the Lobo Pack.

    Alma Mater

    We the students of Langham Creek High            
    Held close by our pride.            
    Drawn by loyalty to our colors true            
    Our red, black and white.            
    Striving e'er to seek to know,          
    down the path of life.          
    With much joy we recall these times          
    Had at Langham Creek High.


    Because I am a lobo, I will:

    • Treat myself and others with decency and respect
    • Ensure learning will take place
    • Appreciate the differences in all people
    • Maintain  safe, orderly environment