• Athletic participation including but is not limited to workouts, practices, and tryouts.  In order to participate in athletic activities the following requirements must be completed:

    First, a sports physical is required yearly by CFISD board policy.  This sports physical must be on the UIL physical form which is composed of two parts, a medical history and physical.  Both parts must be turned in to the athletic trainer's office, office number 1507 before participation is permitted. This must be completed by an approved medical provider.  Please see the bottom of the physical page to learn which healthcare providers are able to complete the form. This required form can be found by clicking on "Sports Physical" located toward the top of this page.  NO other physical examination form can be accepted as per the University Interscholastic League Rules and Regulations.

    Second, the online compliance forms must be completed which can be found by going to 

    Please follow these instructions to complete the online compliance forms:

    1. Completion of the athletic pre-participation forms, which can be found at: 
      • Go to the website listed above to complete your forms. Click the blue button in the center of the page that says “START ONLINE FORMS” and follow the steps as directed. Note: When entering your student ID do not use the “S”, enter only the numbers. (Ex. If your student ID is S123456, you would enter 123456).
      • You must fill out 5 online forms. The 5 forms are:
        • UIL Medical History form [Must be completed as well]
        • UIL Signature Page
        • CFISD-Emergency Card Information
        • CFISD-Electrocardiogram Consent [Must sign to deny, this form is automatically accepted otherwise]
        • CFISD-Field Trip Form 


    • All required participation forms (physical and online forms) must be submitted before a student participates in any tryout, practice, athletic class, open gym, open weight room, athletic competition or to travel with a CFISD athletic team for any purpose.
    • High school students, your physical should be turned in to the athletic trainer on campus.

    • Middle school students, your physical should be turned in to the coach of your participating sport. 

    Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation - Medical History/Physical Forms

    • The Medical History form is filled out by the parent/guardian and taken with the student when getting a physical for the physician to view.
    • Please refer to the information listed on the physical form regarding who qualifies to administer and sign the physical.
    • As a final reminder, a physical is only good for the duration of a calendar year, and a new one is required yearly.
    • A physical opportunity is provided on the Langham Creek campus for Langham Creek students at a date and time determined in the Spring.
    If you have specific questions about the athletic physical or online compliance forms, please contact our athletic trainers. 
    Athletic Training Room Phone: 281-463-5417
    Athletic Training Room Fax: 281-345-3233