Each student will receive a photo ID badge at the beginning of the school year at no cost. The badge and its unique student number will be used to account for students utilizing transportation services, checking out library books and textbooks, purchasing food items from the cafeteria, providing a means for easy identification of students in common areas of the school and for other uses as determined by campus administration.

    Students must have the ID badge in their possession each day and follow campus procedures related to wearing the ID badge. If a student forgets their ID they are required to obtain a temporary ID from the designated school office/location. If a student loses the ID, a replacement must be promptly requested from the designated school office/location. Payments for temporary badges, replacement badge, lanyards and plastic sleeves can only be made online through your School Cash Online account. 

    Replacement costs are as follows:

    • Plastic ID - $3.00
    • Lanyard - $1.00
    • Plastic Sleeve - $1.00
    • Temporary Badge - $1.00