Nutrient Analysis

  • The School Café website and app now include all our menus, nutrient analysis and allergy information.  Visit and explore on your students account, or enter as a guest at  

  • Items labeled PRE-DISH or TRADITIONAL elementary schools may have different nutrients based on recipes.  Pre-Dish items are all individually wrapped, packaged or boxed for self-service.

    Pre-Dish Schools: Birkes, Black, Danish, Emery, Farney, Frazier, Gleason, Hairgrove, Hemmenway, Jowell, Keith, Kirk, Lee, Lieder, Metcalf, Post, Postma, M. Robinson, A. Robison, Sampson, Tipps, Warner.

    Traditional Schools: Adam, Andre, Ault, Bane, Bang, Copeland, Duryea, Emmott, Fiest, Francone, Hamilton, Hancock, Holbrook, Holmsley, Hoover, Horne, Lamkin, Lowery, Matzke, McFee, Millsap, Moore, Owens, Pope, Rennell, Reed, Sheridan, Swenke, Walker, Wells, Willbern, Wilson, Woodard, Yeager.

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