• The next time you visit Kirk, we hope that you will see our students busily engaged in being K.I.R.K – Kind, Independent, Responsible and Keeping safe. One of our goals at Kirk Elementary is to create a positive and engaging learning environment. We have a PBIS Committee that actively looks for fun ways to reward positive student behaviors. This year your child will have the opportunity to earn Kirk Cash. Kirk Cash is earned by exhibiting our core values of being Kind, Independent, Responsible and Keeping Safe. Students will be able to purchase various items from the school menu such as: a visit to the PBIS store, purchase a bat coin for a raffle drawing, have lunch with an Assistant Principal, have their name on the school marquee or even the opportunity to silly string a teacher to name just a few. Applaud your child’s progress and ask them what they are saving for as they demonstrate “Kirktastic skills”.

    PBIS Matrix ~  (Español)