Camp Elevate

  • Camp Elevate is a free online, self-paced program. Your child will access summer school materials through Schoology. Courses will be available beginning June 10 and your child may work through the activities athis/her own pace through July 11. Student work will not be submitted/graded because Camp Elevate is designed to enrich and extend your child’s learning.

Grade Schoology Course Code
Pre-Kindergarten: GH6Z-ZSRS-PGD75
Kindergarten: WCZ3-92VV-XFD5R
1st Grade: WRBK-WP4H-42DCV
2nd Grade: CZMP-BQBS-ZT835
3rd Grade: R7HW-SBXP-T8MW7
4th Grade: WFVC-2V35-G39PP
5th Grade: CPNN-XHFN-WWJ8J

Summer School Information - No Registration Required

  • How to Start:

    Please use the Schoology course codes below to enroll your child in the appropriate grade level courses.

    You are welcome to enroll your child in multiple grade levels this summer for additional learning activities.

    1. Log in to Schoology.
    2. Select Courses in the top menu.
    3. Click My Courses.
    4. Click Join Course on the right side of the page.
    5. Enter your access code
    6. Click Join.

Hot Line Phone Numbers

Hotline Support is available for questions with the course beginning June 10 - July 11 9 AM – 12 PM.
Schools Hot Line #
For students in Grade PK – Grade 1 281-517-2064
For students in Grade 2 – Grade 5 281-517-2147