• Students in Advanced Journalism: Newspaper I, II, III are responsible for writing, editing, photographing and maintaining the student newspaper, The Rampage
    Course Description: Students enrolled in Advanced Journalism: Newspaper I, II, III communicate in a variety of forms for a variety of audiences and purposes. Students are expected to plan, draft, and complete written and/or visual communications on a regular basis, carefully examining their copy for clarity, engaging language, and the correct use of the conventions and mechanics of written English. Students are expected to become analytical consumers of media and technology to enhance their communication skills. In addition, students will learn journalistic ethics and standards. Writing, technology, and visual and electronic media are used as tools for learning as students create, clarify, critique, write, and produce school newspapers. Students must have the recommendation of the publications teacher to enroll in this class, and courses must be taken in sequence. Production of the newspaper may require 3 to 8 hours of after-school activities per week. 
    All journalism courses fall under Option 2 of the Business & Industry Endorsement (see pages 19, 22 and 38 in the Course Offerings and Descriptions booklet)
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