Is my child ready for virtual learning?

  • Use the following questions to help you assess your student's readiness for online learning.

    For each question, answer rarely, sometimes or most of the time.

    1. My child would be described as someone who has good organizational skills and completes assignments ahead of time.
    2. My child is a motivated and self-directed learner.
    3. When my child encounters a problem during class or with homework, he/she knows how to review directions, check his/her work and ask for support.
    4. When it comes to managing time, my child accomplishes everything that needs to be done for the day.
    5. When it comes to reading, my child is an independent reader who willingly engages with text or books. (Age and level appropriate)
    6. My child has a dedicated, quiet place to attend Cypress-Fairbanks Virtual School.
    7. My child has solid keyboarding skills and feels confident in using Zoom, Schoology, Google tools, Microsoft tools, etc. (Age Appropriate)

    If you answered most of the time to at least 5 of the questions, your child may be ready for Temporary Virtual Learning.