Parent/Guardian & Student Expectations

  • Parents/guardians (or other responsible adults) serve a critical role in helping to facilitate learning and ensure their student's academic success.

    Teachers in the Temporary Virtual Learning program will provide whole group, small group and individualized instruction via Zoom sessions and online resources.  Students are expected to meet with teachers daily during scheduled, synchronous Zoom sessions. Students will also complete work asynchronously.

    Synchronous learning is two-way, real-time, live instruction between teachers and students through the computer or other electronic devices.

    Asynchronous learning is a curricular experience where students independently engage in the learning materials without real-time communication. Students may reach out to the teacher via the computer or other electronic devices for questions and clarification.

    Some students may find online learning challenging and need increased parental/guardian supervision.  Our goal is success for every student and parents/guardians play a vital role in ensuring such success.  The level of parent/guardian involvement will vary per child and grade level. 

    During synchronous instruction, students are expected to:

    • Enter the virtual classroom, with all materials, promptly at the beginning of class. Tardies will be counted.
    • Keep their camera on, with their face visible during class unless directed otherwise by their teacher.
    • Display their first and last name as their screen name.
    • Keep their microphone muted, except when directed otherwise by their teacher.
    • Dress appropriately for school, following the CFISD dress code.
    • Maintain an appropriate background during live Zoom sessions.
    • Engage from an appropriate learning location (a desk or table) that provides space for classroom materials.
    • Limit distractions from learning, including visiting other websites/programs, watching television, using cell phones, or engaging in other activities unrelated to learning.
    • Adhere to the schedule provided to them by the teacher.
    • Engage, be respectful, collaborate, and cooperate with their teacher and classmates.
    • Attend class each day and maintain excellent attendance. Temporary Virtual Learning students will follow the same attendance criteria as on-campus students.
    • Participate in accelerated learning, if required based on previous STAAR performance.



    CFISD Temporary Virtual Learning Handbook

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