Creating a Basic Absence in Frontline/AESOP

  • Creating a Basic Absence in Frontline/AESOP
    1. Click on the desired date within the calendar (this date will appear in blue once selected). Click on multiple days to create a multi-day absence.
    2. Substitute Required – If you have the option to choose if a substitute is needed for the absence, you can change from Yes to No by clicking the slider.
    3. Choose the Absence Reason from the dropdown list.
    4. Choose if it is a full day or half day absence. If you are assigned to more than one campus, you can choose the custom time feature and fill in the appropriate times.
    5. Complete the Notes to Administrator and Notes to Substitute. The notes you leave for the administrator will not be visible to the substitute, but the notes you leave for the substitute will be visible to the administrator. (optional)
    6. File Attachments – Attach Word, Excel, and/or PDF files for your substitute to reference. These documents might include lesson plans, seating charts, etc. (optional)
    7. Click the Create Absence button at the bottom right corner.