• Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has approved 10 COVID Leave days to be used for absences attributed to COVID-19 positive illness. Absences incurred from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 are eligible. Use of COVID Leave days is not automatic and a leave request must be submitted with lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive test results. Home tests are not accepted.



    Consecutive absences incurred by leave-eligible employees out for the following isolation reasons may qualify to use COVID Leave days.

    • Employee tests positive for COVID-19.
    • An employee caring for an immediate family member who has tested positive for COVID-19 (DECA Legal). Qualifying immediate family members are spouse, parent(s) (not in-laws) and children.



    The employee must complete and submit the 2021-22 COVID Leave Request and proof of COVID-19 positive lab-confirmed¹test result.

    COVID leave does not apply to:

    • Intermittent absences. COVID leave cannot be used intermittently. Only one set of consecutive absences per COVID-positive instance will be covered.
    • Quarantine, school closure, absences resulting in COVID-negative test, and vaccine-related absences, are not qualifying reasons to use COVID leave days.
    • COVID leave is not available for temporary workers, substitutes, Additional Instruction Support (AIS) substitutes, or employees who do not earn leave.

    Once COVID Leave Days have been exhausted, the employee will use their personal leave bank days to cover any additional absences per the Employee Handbook guidelines.



    Per Employee Handbook guidelines, absences must be entered into the absence reporting system. If an employee in isolation on COVID leave feels well enough to engage in some work duties while at home (i.e., grading papers, reviewing/responding to emails, or placing/receiving calls), the employee may do so at his/her choice. 

    However, due to practical and technological constraints, employees cannot synchronously instruct from home or otherwise telecommute. COVID Leave days will be charged.

    Questions regarding COVID Leave can be directed to an HR Leave Specialist at (281) 517‑6500 or HRLeave@cfisd.net.


    ¹ CFISD testing center or another supervised testing provider (CVS, Walgreens, etc.).