Substitute Pay Rates

  • Substitute positions requiring more than four (4) hours of duty will be compensated for a full day. Any position requiring four (4) hours or LESS will be compensated at the half-day rate. The campus reserves the right to alter the current assignment or schedule at the discretion of the principal or campus designee.

Classification Full Day Half Day
Substitute Teachers/Testers/Nurses/Librarians $110.00 $55.00
       Certified Teacher $110.00 $55.00
       Degreed Teacher $110.00 $55.00
       Non-Degreed Teacher $102.00 $51.00
Substitute Paraprofessionals (Campus) $85.00 $42.50
Substitute Paraprofessionals (Administrative Building) $90.00 $45.00
Life Skills/ESCE/AB/Deaf Ed Paraprofessionals $95.00 $47.50
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