Elementary School Badges

  • Each student will receive two badges at the beginning of the school year or shortly after new enrollment. One of the badges will be attached to the student’s backpack and is required to be utilized for transportation services. The second ID will remain at the campus. Students must have the ID badge in their possession each day and follow campus procedures related to wearing the ID badge.

    If a student loses the ID, a replacement must be promptly purchased from the designated school office/location. Students unable to pay immediately will have the replacement cost(s) placed on the fees and fines list for later payment. Replacement costs are as follows:

    • Plastic ID $3.00
    • Lanyard $1.00
    • Plastic Sleeve $1.00

    Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students will be issued red plastic sleeves and must have the sleeve and badge to ride the school bus home. If the student is not identified with the red plastic sleeve and badge, they will not be allowed to ride the bus home. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are to be met at the school bus at the bus stop to be released. If an adult  is not present to meet the pre-kindergarten or kindergarten student at the bus stop, the student will be returned to the campus.

    Details can be found in the Student Handbook.