About Lucas H. Scanlon



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lucas H. Scanlon

Position 7
Term: November 2021-November 2025
Board Committee(s): Finance & Operations, chair
Policy Review

Lucas H. Scanlon has served on the CFISD Board of Trustees since 2021 and was elected to his first term in November 2021. A 12-year resident of CFISD, Mr. Scanlon resides in the Towne Lake subdivision with his wife, Bethany, and daughter, Jonah.

Mr. Scanlon is a director of business transformation and strategy, advising clients on culture, process and technology to drive strong engagement and business outcomes. He previously worked as a band director at Mayde Creek Junior High in Katy. He has volunteered at Rennell Elementary as a Watch DOG dad.

He has taught as a FinTech adjunct professor for Rice University and Northwestern University since 2019.