• middle school students in weight room

    This course would be designed to prepare students and parents for successful participation in the middle school athletic program. The main focus of the program would be to provide students with a preview of upcoming UIL sports in which they will be eligible to participate as 7th graders and to prepare them for the behavioral and academic expectations associated with being a participating member of the CFISD athletics program. Students will be introduced to the concepts of UIL and CFISD academic requirements and how they impact and affect extracurricular participation.

Desired Outcomes

    • Students will enroll in athletics the following year and be able to demonstrate a higher level of skill and performance.
    • Students will improve their speed, strength, and conditioning. Periodic progress reports will be sent home showing individual improvements throughout the year.
    • Students will easily transition into and be prepared for summer strength and conditioning programs.
    • Students will learn the basic rules, fundamentals, skills, techniques, and schemes for each sports unit. Coaches will have the opportunity to evaluate and identify athletes by sport and position.
    • Students and parents will have an opportunity to learn CFISD athletic policies, procedures, and expectations.
    • Students will exhibit improved decision making in and out of the classroom as they work through an organized character education curriculum.
    • The relationships built and knowledge gained in pre-athletics will provide an easy transition to the CFISD athletics program for both the parents and the students.

    Students will learn the components of a successful athletic program learning to:

    Commit, Compete, Finish/Win, Maintain Self-Discipline, Accept Coaching, Be a Part of a Team, Overcome Adversity, Develop a Growth Mindset, Develop Leadership Skills &  Have Pride in Their School.


    • A desire to participate in CFISD athletics as a 7th grader.
    • Dress out and participate daily. Must have athletic shoes & cleats.
    • Written permission/parental consent for participation required.

Components of the Pre-Athletics Program

    • Sport-specific skills will be taught in a rotational format. Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field and Cross-Country will have multi-week rotations that will occur throughout the year.
    • Students will complete a daily dynamic warmup that will focus on proper running form, body control, agility, explosive movement and physical strength.
    • Weightlifting will be introduced to students and will be age appropriate. The development of appropriate and proper technique will be reinforced. Utilizing PVC bars with no weight, students will learn the proper technique and fundamentals of weightlifting safely. When proficiency is established, weight will be added in incremental fashion.
    • CFISD athletics utilizes the Stephen Mackey Two Words Character Development curriculum. Each week, students will have an opportunity to work through and improve themselves through interaction with the character education curriculum.
    • All students will have their grades and academic progress monitored consistent with current athletic department procedures and expectations. Students will understand how their academic progress impacts their eligibility and ability to participate in UIL activities.
    • Students will be allowed to play games, competitive activities and mini-tournaments in the class period to build interest and enthusiasm for participation in the athletic program. 

2022-23 Pre-athletics Calendar & Organization Overview

    • August: Orientation & Organization
    • Fall: Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country Sports Skills & Intro. to Strength and Conditioning
    • Winter/Early Spring: Basketball Sports Skills and Strength and Conditioning
    • Spring: Track & Field and Strength and Conditioning
    • Late Spring: Skills to prepare for FB/VB and XC seasons in the fall with Friday’s devoted to other sport specific skills-soccer, etc. 

    ***Athletic development including speed, strength, agility, and conditioning will be 2 days a week throughout the school year. 

Daily Pre-Athletics Class Overview

    • Quickly dress out
    • Dynamic warmup and body weight exercises (10 minutes)
    • Daily sports specific skill lesson or strength and conditioning instruction (3 days a week skills, 2 days a week strength and conditioning activities)
    • Dress back in

    *1 day a week short character education lesson

FAQs pre-athletics

  • 1. What is Pre-Athletics?

  • 2. What is the purpose of Pre-Athletics?

  • 3. Will Pre-Athletics count as required PE credit?

  • 4. What sports are taught throughout the year?

  • 5. What types of workouts can I expect through the year?

  • 6. What does a typical week look like?

  • 7. Will activities occur outside of the school day?

  • 8. What other topics are covered besides sports?

  • 9. How is Pre-Athletics different than PE?

  • 10. How is my grade determined in Pre-Athletics?