Birthdays at Hancock

  • At Hancock Elementary, we celebrate your child's birthday at Hancock by:

    • Wishing them a Happy Birthday over the announcements. You should hear the cheering and clapping around the campus. It is so sweet.
    • We allow the birthday student to come to my office to select a birthday pencil.
    • Opportunity for your child to have their name on the marquee.
    • Opportunity for a class set of cookies to be shared at lunch in honor of your child.
    • We celebrate weekends and summer birthdays too.
    • Teachers may choose a different way to celebrate the birthday of students in their class.


    Goody Bags From Home

    It is not required to send goody bags from home. Goody bags that are brought to campus will be passed out to students at the end of the day. We ask that the items be safe for all children. Please check with your child's teacher for an updated class count.


    Birthday Lunch

    We are happy to celebrate birthdays during lunch. Our cafeteria is wonderful and offers the opportunity to purchase cookies or ice cream for the entire class for your child's birthday. If you would like to purchase the items for your child and their class, please talk to the cafeteria manager, Marisol Rodriguez, at 281-897-4523. She will be happy to set you up on the day of your choosing.

  • Happy birthday cake