Replacement Fees

  • Charging for Lost and Intentionally Damaged Devices

    All Cy-Fair ISD students have been provided a Chromebook, Case and Charger to use during their school experience.  Any accidental damage to a Chromebook or Case will be covered by the district if the student creates a support ticket explaining how the device was damaged.  

    Any lost or intentionally damaged Chromebook, Case and Charger will require payment. Intentional damage may include, but is not limited to, removal of case, stickers, bling items and permanent marker that cannot be removed, as well as excessive etching.

    View the list below of fixed fees. Other fees may be assessed for intentional damage at the discretion of your campus.

Item Total
All other Chromebooks $427
Chromebook (500e) $579
Chromebook Case $30
Chromebook Charger $30
Hotspot $64
Hotspot Case $7
Hotspot Charger $21
Stylus (model 500e) $30
Stylus (model 300e) $7