About Us

  • Holding to the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District Police Department mission statement, the Community Outreach Program Services (C.O.P.S) strides to reinforce our values to protect, serve, to model integrity, and to demonstrate professionalism in the pursuit of providing a safe learning environment for students as well as faculty and support staff by partnering with local business leaders, HOA’s and individuals, we strive to facilitate a positive engagement and increase trust between CFISD Police Department and our community by developing a greater understanding between officers and citizens.

    • Community Outreach Program Service (C.O.P.S) aims to teach its students, staff, and community partners through fun-filled activities that are engaging and educational.
    • Continue to address the needs of our community through educational presentations
    • Changes in attitudes and behaviors within our community.
    • Provide Scholarships to students that are considering a career in law enforcement.
    • Funding for all initiatives.
  • Sergeant Shane WallaceThe Community Outreach Program Services is under the supervision of Lt. Shane Wallace. Lt. Wallace has been with the Cypress Fairbanks ISD Police Department since 2012.  The division currently has two part-time Community Outreach Officers. Building a strong partnership with the staff and students of CFISD as well as with civic organizations, community leaders and local businesses, the COPS program strives to meet the law enforcement needs of the community.