Traffic Procedures (Drop-off and Pick-up)

Morning Drop-Off Procedure

  • To ensure safe and orderly morning drop-off, Aragon Middle School students must be dropped off at the front of the school only. We have two designated entrances for morning drop off. Drivers will need to enter the main entrance (Entrance 1) or the Parent Loop (Entrance 2) between Birkes and Aragon on West Road, both of which drop off students at the front of the school. The Parent Loop is utilized so we can support the volume of traffic during drop off and feeds into two lanes at the front of the building. Drivers should not use the Birkes Elementary entrance on Queenston Blvd which flows into the back parking lot of Aragon Middle School. This entrance is designated to allow our numerous school buses along with walkers, and bike riders to access our grounds safely and orderly. It is not a safe practice nor is it encouraged to release students on the sidewalk attached to school property on West Road (front of school) in lieu of entering the school grounds. Student safety is all of our responsibility and begins with proper release during this time. In addition, drivers should proceed with caution when driving through the car-rider lines, yield for anyone crossing, and pull as far forward as possible before releasing the student from the vehicle. Please plan to leave home earlier if needed to ensure adequate time for morning drop off.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure

  • Aragon Middle School students should be picked up in the afternoon in the front of the school by the main office. Like the morning drop-off procedures, drivers may take the main entrance (Entrance 1) or the Parent Loop (Entrance 2) to pick up students. It is not a safe practice, nor is it encouraged to pick up students on West Road for pick-up, as this creates unsafe conditions for students. Drivers need to access school grounds and pull all the way forward to the first cone and wait for the students to meet you at your vehicle. Once you have your student, carefully pull forward watching for pedestrians to exit the grounds. When a car in front of you exits, please pull all the way forward. If you see your student as you are pulling forward, continue to pull forward allowing the cars behind you to do the same. Your student will meet you when you have pulled all the way forward, using the crosswalk if in the second lane. Staff members are in place to assist with an orderly dismissal and release of students. It is imperative that drivers adhere to the established procedures and follow staff directions.

Special Needs Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • Parents should enter school grounds using the Parent Loop between Birkes and Aragon (Entrance 2) to drop-off and pick-up students. This designated lane is used only for our special needs students. Staff members are at door #21 to assist and ensure students transition safely. Please be courteous as this lane may take more time to depart given the assistance needed.

Important Safety Note

  • Under no circumstances should an Aragon Middle School student be discharged from the car anywhere except the designated drop off areas. Middle School students are permitted to enter our school building starting at 7:30 am unless other arrangements are made with a staff member.

General Rules for All

    • Drive as far forward in the lane as directed - this can reduce everyone’s wait-time significantly.
    • Do not linger in drop off/pick up areas for cell phone use, or to talk with children, parents or other drivers.
    • Have students’ backpacks, belongings, etc. inside the car with them instead of the trunk to expedite exiting.
    • Be respectful of all faculty/staff, maintenance support, security, parents, and students.
    • Think of Student Safety!