• Order 2022-23 Yearbooks! For a limited time, get your yearbook at a reduced price.

    When can I order my 2022-2023 yearbook?
    You can order your yearbook for the 2022-2023 school year right now! Please visit Josten’s web-site to purchase your book.

    How much is the yearbook?

    The yearbook will be $65 until October 15, 2022. The book will be $85 until November 27, 2022. The book will be $95 until May 14, 2022. Beginning on May 15, 2022 the yearbook will be sold at $110 until we are completely sold out.

    What if I still need to pick up last year’s book?
    You can stop by room 2209 before or after school to pick up last year’s day.

    When can we buy senior tributes?
    You can begin purchasing senior tributes now, using the same link as you did to buy the book.

    What if my child is graduating early?
    If you know that your child will be graduating early, and you want them listed as a senior in the yearbook, please email Alexis Berkey at alexis.berkey2@cfisd.net. We will make sure your child is in the book in the correct spot! They can still register with CADY Studios for their yearbook photo.

    Can I take my senior yearbook photo somewhere else and send it to you?
    No, you cannot. Seniors strictly use CADY Studios, and underclassmen use LifeTouch

    Where do we get senior photos done?
    Bridgeland High School did change senior photography companies this year. We now work with CADY Studios! CADY Studios has bookings available for senior portraits on their website. Scroll down to the pink button that says “BOOK NOW” to sign up!

    Will there be a yearbook-only day?
    Yes! The yearbook only day will be scheduled after our last Road Show on campus on Oct 17, 2022. This day will only include the one yearbook photo, either in cap/gown or tux/drape.

    For Road Shows, will parents be allowed on campus?
    Sadly, it is a district policy that we do not allow parents on campus while students are here. This includes after school. If you wish to be in photos with your child, then we would recommend booking your appointment at the studio.

    Do we have to pay the $30 sitting fee for the yearbook?
    Great question, no you do not! If you choose to pay the $30 sitting fee for senior portraits, you will actually take a series of photos, and then choose from the tux/drape photos or the graduation photos for the yearbook. You will then be