Substitute Pay Rates

Daily Pay Rates

  • Substitute positions requiring more than four (4) hours of duty will be compensated for a full day. Any position requiring four (4) hours or LESS will be compensated at the half-day rate. The campus reserves the right to alter the current assignment or schedule at the discretion of the principal or campus designee.

    The 2022-2023 board-approved substitute pay rates are:

    • Substitute teachers/testers/nurses/librarians: $110.00 full day/$55.00 half day
    • Certified teacher: $110.00 full day/$55.00 half day
    • Degreed teacher: $110.00 full day/$55.00 half day
    • Non-degreed teacher: $102.00 full day/$51.00 half day
    • Substitute paraprofessionals (campus): $85.00 full day/$42.50 half day
    • Substitute paraprofessionals (administrative building): $90.00 full day/$45.00 half day
    • Life Skills/ESCE/AB/Deaf Ed paraprofessionals: $95.00 full day/$47.50 half day

Pay Dates/Pay Periods

  • Substitutes are paid semi-monthly. Paychecks will be deposited on the 15th and the last day of the month. Time worked from the 1st - 15th is paid at the end of the month. Time worked from the 16th – 31st is paid on the 15th of
    the following month. If you have any concerns, please email

Helpful Payroll Hints

    • Substitutes may view their assignments via Frontline/AESOP.
    • We advise that substitutes check their assignments daily to ensure accuracy. If you do not see an assignment on your calendar, you will not be paid. Please contact the campus sub rep to discuss any discrepancies.
    • Substitutes should verify all assignments daily by viewing the history tab in the Frontline/AESOP system.
    • All assignments will have a confirmation number. Confirmation numbers are assigned via the Frontline/AESOP system and are always available to you.
    • In most cases, errors will be corrected on the next payroll.
    • Please note that substitutes are required to sign in and out with the campus sub rep. This can be very helpful in the event of discrepancies.