• Why do students wear badges?

    CFISD’s student handbook states: all secondary students in grades 6-12, will wear a student ID badge, visible, on school approved lanyards, during the instructional day. Badges and the unique student number are used for buses, library books, buying food from the cafeteria, and providing a way to identify that all students belong on the Spillane campus.

    Where should a student wear the student ID badge? 

    Students ARE required to wear the identification badge on a color specific lanyard around their neck at all times to scan on/off buses and during the school day to easily identify them as a Spillane student.

    Are students required to wear a specific colored lanyard?

    Students MUST WEAR the school issued solid color lanyards based on their grade level at all times:

    • 6th Grade = Gray
    • 7th grade = Yellow
    • 8th grade = Navy Blue 

    All students will be issued 1 grade level colored lanyard, sleeve and ID card free of charge.

    What if the student ID badge and lanyard are forgotten at home?

    To ensure each student is identified as a Spillane student when entering from buses and cars, students are required to obtain a temporary ID badge sticker from Badge Station Carts (in the dining hall and front entrance) from 7:25 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. The ID badge sticker can only be used for 1 day and is $1.00. This $1.00 fee will be added to student Fees and Fines. To ensure students get on the bus in the afternoons, temporary ID badge stickers will also be available in the dining hall after the 3:10 p.m. bell.

    What if a student needs a replacement ID badge set?

    Students can request a replacement set at the Badge Station before 7:45 a.m. or stop by the AP office after 7:45 a.m. 

    Replacement Badge Fee costs will be added to student Fees and Fines:

    • Plastic ID - $3.00
    • Lanyard - $1.00
    • Plastic Sleeve - $1.00

    What if a student is found without a badge during the school day?

    All CFISD students are expected to comply with the identification procedures each day - by wearing the ID badge with a lanyard around their neck on the bus and throughout the day. Students refusing to wear a badge will be referred to the assistant principal’s office. Typically, the consequence for not wearing a badge during the school day is a lunch detention. 

    What happens when a student gets placed on the Fees and Fines list?

    Students with unpaid items on the Fees and Fines list will be added to the “Do Not Admit List” and will not be allowed to attend dances, recess events, or other events as determined by administrators.  

    How can parents & students find out how much is owed for Fees and Fines?

    Parents will receive a weekly email with badge fee amounts to be paid for the student.  Students can also use their CFISD Chromebook and follow the instructions below: 

    1. Students must use their CFISD Google username email and password to log into the Chromebook. They must use their S# and password to log into the student CFISD portal. 
    2. Then, click on Library Resources 
    3. Next, click on Destiny Library
    4. In Destiny, click on My Stuff
    5. Under My Stuff, go to Fines
    6. Under Fines, you will see individual badge fees. 

    How are student ID badge fees paid?

    All badge fees are paid ONLY on SchoolCash. Parents will receive a weekly email with any unpaid badge fee amounts. Students can also access the Fees and Fines using their Chromebook (see instructions under the previous question). Please pay only the exact amount that your student owes. *There is no prepaying for badges.

    School Cash: