• top 10 reasons why cfisd is your destination district

  • Academics

    TheCurriculum & Instruction and Accountabilitydepartment oversees PreK-12th grade curriculum and instruction, encompassing career and technical education, music, and PE. It also manages Educational Support Services, including special education, bilingual, and ESL programs, along with District Improvement and Accountability tasks, such as testing, federal

  • Facilities

    The Design & Facilities Planning Department's dedication to meeting building regulations, construction standards, and educational specifications is crucial for crafting safe, inspiring, and educational spaces for students and staff. By prioritizing these elements, the department aims to enrich the learning environment and promote the growth of all individuals in the school community.

  • Financial Management

    The Business and Financial Services department at Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District is vital for managing the district's $1 billion budget and investments, ensuring smooth operations and essential services for students and staff.

  • Opportunity for All

    With 96 campuses, we have plenty of opportunity for you togrow, along with the potential to try new assignments to find your perfect place.

  • Salary

    We take pride in offering competitive salary rates along with 13 years of continuous salary growth.

  • Resources

    All the tools for achieving success and amplifying your achievements are within your reach.

  • Training

    CFISD provides yourprofessional trainings through the CF Professional Growth System, along with mentorships, learning opportunities, and much more.

  • Support

    Support is always received from mentors, instructional specialists, and curriculum coaches. For instance, our Bilingual curriculum coaches provide various methods to assist newly hired bilingual teachers in feeling embraced and prepared for their first day of teaching.

  • Family Atmosphere

    Although it is the 3rd largest district in Texas, CFISD has managed to keep the “family atmosphere” and “small town” district feel.

  • A-Rated District

    We offer top-tier facilities and hold the title of the largest district in Texas with an A-rating on the State Accountability Report.

  • Student Loan Forgiveness

    The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program can help those working for the government or non-profit organizations by forgiving the remaining balance on their Direct Loans.