• Must be worn on upper torso at all times throughout the entire school day.

    Students should be in compliance with the ID badge policy from the time he/she arrives at school until he/she leaves campus i.e. before/after school tutorials, club meetings, d-hall, study hall, to request a late bus ticket, etc.

    Student ID badges will be required to conduct school business, including, but not limited to the following:

    • Ride the school bus.
    • Enter your classes.
    • Enter the clinic or trainer’s office.
    • Check in or out through the attendance office.
    • Conduct a transaction through the finance office.
    • Enter the library, to check out library books and to use library technology.
    • Verify student login information.
    • Receive exemption cards.
    • Receive class ranks.
    • Buy a parking sticker.
    • Receive results of state assessments.
    • Take class and/or state assessments.
    • Enter school sponsored events (dances, games).
    • Request transcripts or other confidential documents through the registrar’s office.
    • Purchase breakfast or lunch.
    • Verify identification when requested by any CFISD employee on all district property.


    What if I forget my badge at home?

    If you forget your badge, you must purchase a temporary ID badge for $1.00. Students can request a temporary ID at the stage before or after school or the 1st (#1237 )or 2nd floor AP pod (#2318). This badge is good for one day. The cost will go on your fines/fees in Destiny. 


    What if I lose my badge?

    Replacement ID’s cost $3 for the badge, $1-lanyards and $1 for ID sleeve. If you lose your badge, you can request a new one before school or at lunch at the stage in the cafeteria. You can also go to the AP office to request a new badge. The cost will go on your fines/fees in Destiny.